1) Registration: Host Family registration is realised by submitting and completing the online ‘Host Family Application’ form from our website which can only be accessed after the following steps have been completed:

a) The on-line registration is successfully submitted through Only after the receipt and verification of the registration can a membership be then activated for the members area by a senior member of Leir Education.

b) Once membership has been activated and ‘Live’ you will be notified via email

c) Final step is to login to your members area from from where you can complete and apply to host.

2) Brief conditions to qualify Information: The placement of a student with a family only becomes possible if all criteria has been meet as outlined below:

a) An online registration has been received and approved

b) A completed online application has been received and approved

c) A face to face meeting in the host families home has taken place with Leir Education’s representatives who have also carried out a viewing of the property and all conditions required to host have been met.

d) The non-disclosure and service agreement have been agreed signed by all relative parties

e) Please note that submitting a registration and Application does not in any way guarantee a student placement nor does does it bind Leir Education in anyway to a commitment to place a student with any party or family.

3) Payment Information:

a) The amount of any fee or fees will not be discussed in any way or format prior to the completion of all criteria as outlined above in item 2.

b) No additional fees will be paid outside of the agreed amounts and as those stated within the ‘Host Family Welcome pack’

4) Contracts & Agreements

a) Each ‘Partner’ either individually, individual, Company or Organisation will be required and without exception to enter and sign our standard agreements as required but may not be limited to:

i) Contract / Service Agreement
ii) Non-Disclosure Agreement



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